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She wrote that "have a nice day" is "soothing, even kind", in that it improves the interactions among millions of people crowded together. After Jon and Richie co-wrote all the songs with Shanks, they recorded them immediately using a drum machine.

Broad wrote that the phrase "have a nice day" is an apt middle ground for the "drop dead" the cashier is thinking and the "come back soon" the owner wants. She argued that "thank you" is shorter and is a "recognition of the ability you have to thank someone", which adds more worth to the purchase than something that will occur in the future.

He lamented that by the s, Aussie teenagers were compelled to tell customers to "have a nice day", a "blatant American cliche". He wrote that using "you" in imperatives is more common with people under Those in the service industry, A nice day, have to become "one-minute friends" each time they interact with customers.

This is a true story, and a German friend who was with me that day happens to have a good sense of humor and was mildly amused by this strange American custom.

Unrolling the shirt, the man finds a smiley face outlined on it.

Have a Nice Day (Hao Ji Le)

However, it is also possible to interpret the phrase as a contraction of "I hope that you have a nice day". When the band regrouped inthey recorded four more songs and also worked on the revised versions of the original songs.

The chemistry between Jon and Richie is as strong as ever, and the songwriting prowess they have is a well that never seems to run dry for these guys.

Have a nice day

After conducting surveys, they realized that more than half of the customers were unaware of whether the clerk had said the phrase. People with highly variable jobs such as emergency room nurses may appreciate "have a routine day", while mothers of young children may wish to "have a quiet day".

This can lead to decreased immune system function. One woman said, "They should be shot for bringing this here. Marshall, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehemconcurred, writing in the Reading Eagle that he prefers "thank you" to "have a nice day" or "have a great day" even though "thank you" has a "host of socially acceptable responses".

Janice Turner of The Times [62] Carol Swiderski of the Chicago Tribune wrote that although saying "have a nice day" may not be sincere, the speaker has acknowledged that the recipient is there.

The close of a transaction needed an oral ending. He proposed a motion that an authoritative body, working in conjunction with linguistic institutions, be delegated the job of "caring for the Swedish language"; the motion did not pass.

Now, poor innocent Aussie teenagers were being forced to say it as if they meant it! A positive effect is that it is beneficial for business and for people who enjoy fake displays. Flippo further opined that the phrase is an appropriate example of culturally improper language.

The album cover contains a red smiley face which guitarist Richie Sambora stated echoes its title song. However, "have a nice day" sounds like a trite phrase spoken by a telemarketer.Critic Consensus: Grim and gripping in equal measure, Have a Nice Day is an animated drama that pulls no punches -- and leaves a satisfying mark.

Have a Nice Day (Hao Ji Le) Videos View All Videos (1)82%. Have a Nice Day is the first of three autobiographies he's written and the largest at about seven hundred and fifty pages. It chronicles Mick's life from his Bloomington, Indiana childhood to his first retirement in /5().

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A nice day
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